About the company

Foster Heating and Air Conditioning, with a staff of 24 employees, provides service to 13 counties in North Missouri.

The top priority and goal of Foster Heating and Air Conditioning is to always give our customers quality installations with dependable service at a fair and competitive price to all.

Our services include: installing and servicing all brands of residential gas furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, hydronic heating, and boilers for all your heating and air conditioning comfort needs. We also specialize in fabrication and duct work. Along with these services we also provide commercial and industrial refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and food service.

The History of Foster Heating and Air Conditioning

Randy and Karla Foster started Foster Refrigeration and Electric in May, 1973 in Sumner, Missouri. Randy began doing heating, air conditioning, and electrical work early in high school helping his uncle in Mendon, Missouri. After high school, Randy attended Central Missouri for HVAC training and worked for Biegel’s Refrigeration. Randy and Karla soon opened a store on Center Street in Sumner, Missouri selling and servicing Kitchen appliances, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical systems.

As the business grew, Randy and Karla opened a new office, warehouse, and appliance showroom in Hale, Missouri in 1979. This expanded their services in Carroll and Livingston county.

A new location was opened on South Washington Street in Chillicothe, Missouri in July 2007, which is where our office, showroom, and warehouse is currently located. At that time, Foster Heating and Air Conditioning began installing Ground Source Heat Pump systems and serving the commercial and industrial market. To cover the new demands of the expanding servicing area, additional employees were brought into the business.

In 2022, Randy and Karla Foster decided to retire and sold the business. The new owners (Faron Worman, Shaun Crockett, and Misty Worman) were previous employees and strive to give their customers quality and dependable service at a fair and competitive price. They will continue to improve and grow the business in the coming years.